Human Design is a system for understanding yourself and stepping into your true authenticity. Human Design is a synthesis of Western Astrology, The Chakra system, the I Ching, Kabbalah and quantum physics, and it correlates to the human genetic code. This all comes together to give you an incredibly comprehensive chart that outlines the way your energy functions along with the major themes of your life. A Human Design chart is like your soul's cartography- a map of how your energy flows and expresses itself. It shows you how to listen to your body and make decisions from your own unique navigation system. 

We are all conditioned by our families, community and society to believe that we should be a certain way. Human Design shines a light on what is your's and what you have received from outside influences. Human Design shows you how you work best, and it gives you insight into how the people in your life work as well. As you learn to live according to your design your Aura shifts, and you begin the process of owning your energy, deconditioning and shedding all of the layers that you have taken on. Human Design gives you permission to be your authentic self.